Motion Control Products

Siemens Motion Control Solutions
Siemens Motion Control Solutions
Siemens provides a competitive advantage by providing innovative motion control products that meets today’s demanding requirements for motion applications. Flexible, innovative and easy to use are the key characteristics of Siemens' motion control solutions.
Gefran Automation & Motion Control
Gefran is a leader in the design and manufacture of sensors, components, systems and drives for industrial process control.
Linmot Motion Technology
Linmot is a global manufacturer of high quality tubular style linear motors and linear motor systems and thus focuses on the development, production and distribution of linear direct drives for use in industrial environments.
Nanotec Electronic
Nanotec offers a broad range of integrated motors, brushless DC motors and stepper motors, as well as motor controllers and linear actuators that are primarily used in automation systems, automatic laboratory equipment and medical devices.
Posital Fraba
POSITAL is a manufacturer of sensors for motion control and safety assurance systems. The company's products, which include rotary encoders, inclinometers and linear position sensors, are used in a wide range of settings, from manufacturing to mining, agriculture to energy. POSITAL is a member of the international FRABA Group.