About Dittman & Greer

Dittman & Greer is a leading supplier of automation, sensing and electric heating products for a wide range of industrial process applications. Click here for lists of the manufacturers we represent and the products we specialize in.

Since its beginning in 1950, Dittman & Greer has grown to serve the needs of a broad customer base within a wide range of industries – from biotech to commercial cooking, submarines to aerospace. We are a member of the Association for High Technology Distribution.

Today, Dittman & Greer is a total solutions supplier, offering products, services and engineering support. Our commitment is to understand and exceed the expectations of our valued customers while delivering high-quality products, services and solutions for their most demanding requirements. Whether you are ready to invest in new industrial automation systems or upgrade your present systems, Dittman & Greer stands ready to serve you.

Member of the Association for High Technology Distribution

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